Friday, January 22, 2010

Asos Curve Launches Today

For many of us British retailer Asos has long inspired lustful longing and today they launched their brand new plus size line Curve. Sadly the sizes only from a UK 20-26 which rougly translates to a US 16-22, but it's a start. I have to say that looking at the website I'm not necessarily overrun with excitement, but that was until I saw how the pieces actually looked on people.

The lovely Sakina over at Saks in the City looks unbelievable in her new Curve pieces and I'm now dying to own both the first dress she models and those jeggings.

Christina over at Musings of a Fatshionista has a review as well and she too looks beyond adorable in the same dress of Sakina's that I lusted after.

Finally, Gabi over at Young, Fat and Fabulous also offers up a rave review of the line and because of her comments I'm dying to order the sloucy t's.

All three bloggers (of whom I am MAJOR fans) talk about the high quality and construction of the pieces so once I see how things work out for me at the office next week I may just place an order. They're selling a skirted legging and I can't decide if it's brilliant or ridiculous. What say you?


  1. Don't know yet but I do hear the sizing is pretty accurate and everything is well made so we shall see... :)

  2. I brought a skirted legging from Torrid and I loved it!

  3. @ Jen I really want to try out their stuff, but I spent $40 mailing things back to Dorothy Perkins last week that i didn't want, so I'm a bit hesitant to order again from the UK.

    @Tiffany, thanks for letting me know that. I think it could be great, esp since I love leggings, but don't like wearing them as pants.

  4. I'm quite new to the fat blogosphere but I got my hands on some asos curve bits and if you're still on the fence about buying them I suggest you check it out perhaps. I think they fit wonderfully and the sizing feels right, as in they modelled it on a larger person rather than just up-sizing like some companies do. There's plenty of room in the bum, belly, bust and upper arms and the quality and construction is ace.
    Devon (review is there :D)

  5. I am lusting after the skirted leggings. I had a pair back in 1993 and they were my fav piece of clothing at the time

  6. I bit the bullet and placed an order - skirted leggings included! I'll be sure and write a review as soon as I get it.