Monday, January 4, 2010

Purple Sequins Make Everyone Smile Except for Me

I've noticed that most fashion bloggers don't smile in their photos so this was my attempt to imitate them. I've decided to go back to smiling. I much prefer that to scowling.

In my attempt to stick to some of my resolutions I'm going to blog some outfits that I've stored up from the past few months. This is especially good because the colder the weather gets the less exciting my clothing gets. When it's in the 20's and even older with the wind factor and you have to put on an ugly down coat and then a hat that smushes your curls, it's hard to get all that motivated about clothing.

I was out for lunch with some friends and to meet a new little baby and on my way back to the office I "popped" into Forever 21. I have limited patience for the Forever 21 in Union Square so I just stuck to the accessories section. After a little bit of searching I found today's necklace along with some flowers for my hair (the need for warm hats make hair accessories another casualty of winter weather, ugh). I was waiting in line to pay when I saw a bunch of sequined hats in a variety of colors. I grabbed the purple sequined hat, looked in the mirror multiple times contemplating just how ridiculous I looked, before deciding that for $4.80 even if I only wore the hat in my kitchen to do dishes it would bring me so much joy that it'd be worth it.

I call this my Snow White necklace because it reminds me of the "mirror, mirror on the wall" that the evil stepmother had.

Today's outfit all sprang out of the hat. I love hats, as I love most accessories save for bracelets. I sometimes joke that I should be an Orthodox Jew cause I like hats so much, to which my mother always responds "you don't need to be Orthodox to wear hats." Very wise my mother is. I was a little nervous about rocking the hat out in public (and the office!) but decided to just take the fashion risk and go for it.

When you're sporting a purple sequined hat the rest of your outfit needs to be simple, or as simple as I can stand to get. The dress is an xxl from Target and I got it in a Friday Fatshionista sales post. The tights and shoes are also from Target while the necklace and hat are from Forever 21.
I love the sparkles and texture of these tights.

Photo credit goes to Nicole who took this photo for me outside of our favorite coffee shop. Seriously if you're ever in South Slope stop in for a drink and a scone. I promise you'll thank me.


  1. Hate the scowl. Love the necklace and tights.
    I am also loving all the photo credits.
    Aren't you happy I forced you to do it?
    I am also loving the post in general considering you don't post as much anymore. Yeah!

  2. I love when you smile. If I wanted to see non smiling people, I would pick up a magazine.

  3. I'm glad that others prefer smiles to scowls as well. I way prefer to smile, it's much more natural to me.

    Thanks for the link beatfreak!