Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rain, Rain go Away

Some days it rains and some days it pours. And some days, like yesterday in New York, it rains so hard and is so windy that they shut down the streets around my office because office windows were being blown out in lower Manhattan and in my favorite moment of the day, a woman outside my office building was holding onto a pole and as I passed begged me for assistance getting into the building cause she was afraid of being blown over. Now that was a New York first for me.

When it rains like that a girl has to be practical in how she dresses. Note the following rain concessions in my outfit.

1) I am wearing contacts. I always wear contacts in inclement weather so my glasses don't get fogged up by the rain or snow. I am seriously blind and when it's uber rainy I always fog up and subsequently cannot see shit, so I reach for my contacts instead. I always feel the need to wear eye makeup when I wear contacts since I can finally see to put makeup on, which is ironic since I'm often dressed in not-so-nice, crappy day clothing.

2) My hair is both up in a clip and has an around-the-neck headband that keeps flyaways to a minimum.

3) Rain boots. I talked about the utility of solid black rainboots in an earlier post.

4) Dress and tights. Now you may be thinking that a dress and tights aren't the smartest for wet and windy weather, but here's where I'd argue with you. Pants can easily get soaked and tights are thin enough as to dry relatively quickly.

5) Umbrella. And the fact that it matches my outfit in both color and pattern is just an added bonus that I had to point out.

Outfit details.

Dress I got at some random store in Charleston and was featured once before.
Cardigan is a hand me down from Jamie
Belt is Torrid
Tights are We Love Colors
Boots are Laila Rowe
Umbrella is Uniqlo
Headband was found in a random storage space at my old job
Earrings are likely from some 99cent store or something like that


  1. Adorable, I love it! And I do have to agree, tights dry much quicker than pants! Love the rain boots too :)

  2. Love the matching dress and umbrella. A fabulous touch!

    It's funny, there was an online sale a few days ago for kids' tights by We Love Colors in like a zillion colors and I said to Yoni, this is like Rachel Bloom's version of heaven. I had no idea they did tights for adults!!

  3. Your weather sounds scary ! windows being blown out !! keep urself safe!!

    loving the pink touches xxxx


  4. Bright cheery colors to combat a gloomy day.

    Also n-thing the comment about tights drying faster than pants. Unfortunately once I was caught in flash flood while wearing tights and boots. My boots couldn't dry out and even thin tights took forever to dry out once I was out of the rain. Wet cold nylon on your feet are a terrible feeling. : (

  5. Y'all are right - bright colors on an unbright day are an added bonus as well! Helps to trick me.

    The weather was a bit scary, but as soon as I got to work I hunkered down and waited out the storm.