Thursday, January 21, 2010

Boots, boots and more boots

Ok, you're probably getting sick of this activity of voting on possible purchases for me so I promise later today I'll post an actual outfit, but I once again want your advice.

It's difficult to buy boots when you're fat as the circumference for most boots is something like 15.5 inches and my calves circumference in at about 18 inches. It was when I lived in London that I discovered the wide calf boot department at Evan's which was a revelation. I went a bit mad buying all sorts of boots since it was the first time I could fit my calves into them. Stupidly I bought several boots with heels which have since languished in my closet season after season as I'm not so good with heels.

But my boot existence really changed when I discovered Duo (which is sadly also a British company) where they sell boots in a variety of calf widths. They have showrooms where you can go and try on boots and they'll then ship you your order. The way it works is kind of amazing. In every boot, in every foot size they carry over 10 calf widths - perfect for those of us with either thin or fat calves.

I spend a lot of time gazing longingly at the Duo website. However it's always hard for me to commit to ordering shoes internationally when you never know about the fit. I'm in desperate need for some flat, black, everyday boots and have been eyeing these for 6 months. They're pricey so thankfully my father has agreed to purchase them as my combined birthday present from last year and this year.

However they're currently having a sale and if I'm still employed as of next week I want to treat myself to some flat, brown boots and I'm hoping y'all can tell me which you like best. The great thing about the sale is that you can just plug in your shoe size and calf size and they'll tell you what's available.

Option 1 I don't recall ever having seen before the sale, I assume it's some really old stock they're trying to get rid of. Option 2 is cute, but only mid-calf and I worry that I'm not able to rock a mid-calf boot with dress look. Option 3 are technically not on sale, but I'm happy to splurge on them. Option 4 is on sale in the caramel color which is so popular this season, but not the dark brown.

Also I own these and love them to pieces. Mine are fairly wrecked at this point and I'm wondering if I should invest in a spare pair when it's so cheap.


  1. I like option 4 the best. As for the ones you already have, I'd definitely invest in another pair when you can if you already know that you love them. I always do that too :)

  2. I like #3 best but also #1.
    These boots are all really nice.
    I want a pair too!

  3. I love option 3 & 4. I've been looking for similar boots. I love boots with heels but when I do get all dressed up, I walk a lot and it's just not practical for me when doing a ton of walking. The pair that you already own, hmm, super cute! I think I may have fallen in love with this site. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. You know I can handle a kitten heel just fine, but I'm such a baby about anything more than half an inch. I WISH I could rock heels - I think it would make my outfits look so much better if I did, but I can't. I love living in Brooklyn and not needing a car, but I always think about how if I had a car I could wear heels so much more often cause my feet wouldn't already be aching by the time I arrived at my destination.