Friday, January 15, 2010

Help me Pick a Coat

Once again dear readers I come to you for assistance. This time I want your input on a new down coat.

Now lets get a few things straight. I know that none of these coats are exactly "fashionable." In an ideal world I wouldn't need to own a down coat, but I live in New York and it gets cold and I'm outdoors an awful lot. In fact in every NY woman's closet there hangs a long, black, puffy down coat. Seriously I think it's the law or something. There's one in mine and it has been there since 2003 when I walked into Macy's one freezing evening and asked for the warmest coat they had. The coat is still serviceable and keeps me toasty warm but it weighs an absolute ton and well...after 7 years I'm sick of it. I figure I'm allowed to buy a new down coat every 7 years or so.

Last weekend my best friend was in town and we went on the hunt for a down coat. Luckily she and I could have fun doing anything, absolutely anywhere because we spent the afternoon in EMS, Patagonia and North Face - not exactly the shops I like to spend my time or money in.

You know how most women have to do the "breast test" when trying on an article of clothing - the test to see if it buttons past your chest. Well my version of that is the ass test - does something fit around my hips and ass. Too often as we discovered the answer was no, it does not. Ideally I wanted a coat that hit my knees but these stores only carried straight sizes - none of which were going to zip over my ass.

I had asked friends for recommendations on Facebook with the stipulation that I wanted something warm and light and numerous friends recommended this Patagonia coat. It was the one coat that I seriously considered purchasing as it was warm and weighed nothing and I was taken with the lime green, but with my penchant for dresses and leggings I really wanted some protection for my legs. My besties suggestion that I purchase said coat and just wear long underwear resulted in an eye roll.

So after an unsuccessful day of shopping, off I went to the internet and ended up at Land's End. They were having a massive sale, they carried lots of long coats and they had plus sizes - the holy trinity! I had no idea how things were going to fit and so I ordered 3 different coats in a variety of sizes. It was a good thing as they all fit very differently and the one I like best is the one I almost didn't even order.

So in order from favorite to least favorite I present you with my 3 coats and ask for your advice as to which I should make room for in my overcrowded closet.

Option 1
This is the Morgan and I ordered it in a 1x only because they didn't have a 2x, which is a good thing since the 1x fits pretty perfectly. The photos on the website made the coat look awfully shiny and I was worried I'd look like Missy Elliot, during the garbage bag phase but it's waaay less shiny in real life than on the website or in this photo.

Option 2

This is the best-selling (and not on sale) Dory which comes in a wide variety of colors of which I {gasp} didn't order the brightest one. I ordered a 2x, which due to the cut is actually tighter around my bottom than Option 1. Folks in my office were of a mixed opinions between 1 and 2.

Option 3

This is the Reversible Quilted Down and it is just a fail in every imaginable way. I ordered a 2x which is absolutely swimming on me, but I don't think that even if it fit properly I would like it. It's just a bit blah, even for a down coat.

So, vote in the comments below. I'm heavily leaning towards option 1, but would love to hear what you have to say.

Oh and finally, look how small they made those coats for shipping. I'm in awe.


  1. I like option 1 best! I usually wear my peacoat during the winter, but since I've moved to Chicago, I do a lot more walking around...brr, I had to break out my down coat once temps hit the teens and single digi's! :-/ I say grab some really cute knitted hats and make it fashionable!

  2. I like option 1 too!

  3. option 2 is adorable - love the hood!

  4. Option 1. The color pops on you.

  5. I really like option 2!

  6. Before I vote, I take issue with the following statement: "In fact in every NY woman's closet there hangs a long, black, puffy down coat." This is absolutely false. I managed to suffer through many a NYC winter in a fashionable black or brown wool overcoat. I never ever resorted to puff.

    That being said, I realize some are weaker than I so I will participate in this vote.

    Here is my answer: If you choose anything other than option 1, I won't be visiting you in the winter for another 7 years. It is clearly the most fashionable of all the options and fits you very well.

    If you must puff, puff #1 please.

  7. Your responses are so interesting to me - I didn't expect them to be so evenly split between 1 and 2. I'm glad that at least everyone is with me on the terribleness of option 3.

    I tried 1 and 2 on again and I think based on comfort, fit, weight and price I will be going with option 1. This will also keep Jamie in my life which is a must.

    NikStar, I have a plethora of cute winter accessories - I'll do a post about them soon!

  8. definately 1, the color and the fit are great.
    and as a montrealer, I've also managed to go true winter in black wool this year, very proud!

  9. #2. Of course. The color of #1 is ugh.