Friday, September 4, 2009

Today I am a Rude Girl

Sorry about the late posting, I was tipsy and tired when I got home last night and in no form to be doing anything but sleep.

So last night I had a friends rehearsal dinner, the theme of which was "A Salad and Ska Soiree." No I am not making that up. Seriously I am not inventive enough to make that up, I went to a salad and ska themed party. Delicious food from the incomparable Tanoreen and ska music.

I don't know much about ska aside from the fact that there is some ska music in the classic 90's movie Clueless and that ostensibly No Doubt started off as a ska band. But I knew that was not what my friends meant when they said ska. They are music snobs and they meant the real ska from the 60's. When I asked how I was supposed to dress they first laughed and said to wear whatever I wanted. I however am never one to turn down an opportunity for a themed outfit so when I pressed them for more info they told me to look up rude girls for an idea.

That didn't really help me so much either so I just googled imaged ska fashion and the overwhelming response was really anything in black and white. Which leads us to today (or technically yesterday).

Today I am a Rude Girl

A closer view

From the side. Do we like the multiple shots or is it bringing my narcissism to a whole new level?

Side view 9.4.09

Tights (the first outing of tights this season, woo hoo) are Hue which if you ask me is just about the best brand out there, although they don't do their really fun colors in the larger sizes. Tunic (told you I was generous at this point with what constitutes a dress) is from Dorothy Perkins in a size 20.

One of the things that I love about UK stores is how many of them carry up to a 22 UK in their stores. Granted a 22 only equals an 18 US, but considering that so many American stores have taken to removing their 14/16 out of their stores and only selling them online (I'm talking about you Ann Taylor, Gap, Banana Republic, J. Crew and American Eagle just to name a few) I appreciate the in store size variety. I hate stores that want to take inbetweenie money, but don't want us actually in their stores trying on clothes.

However I am ranting and getting off topic. Focus bloomie. So it's the accessories that make this outfit, so lets proceed to them. I mean if I had to wear this as just a top and tights with no accessories I'd be so uncomfortable that I would not want to leave the house. Seriously, I'd rather go naked than be un-accessorized.

Polka dot Office shoes

Shoes are once again from my beloved Office. Neck scarf is from Forever 21 and I had to have assistance from a friend as to how to wear it. I always want to be a girl who wears jaunty scarfs, but they usually just end up as headbands on me. Belt is from Lane Bryant and earrings I think were from some random pound store in London. My hair and makeup came from 90's inspired ska and I have no idea if that's correct, but it was the only thing I had to go with.

This means Sunday there will be wedding attire photos!


  1. most rude girls wear checkered board and shave their head

  2. Well that's probably true, this was just my closest approximation where I also got to keep my hair which I like a whole lot.

  3. so beautiful.......Thanks for sharing...58eveningdress.