Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 11. I was sad.

I woke up on September 11th and the weather was crap which actually made me happy in the sense that it contributed to my incredibly shitty mood. See I absolutely hate it when the weather is nice on 9/11 because a) it is a sad day and grey and rain fit both my mood and the mood of the city and b) it was so stunningly gorgeous on 9/11/01 that it can kind of hurt too much when the weather is nice on the anniversary.

I also had a physical that morning which contributed to my crappy/crying mood that seemed to be my theme of the day. I have a kind, sweet, caring GP but have had so many negative and terrible experiences over the years with doctors that I have a perpetual fear of them. Combine that with 9/11, rain and grey and hearing announcements like "this is the fourth moment of silence to mark the collapse of the second tower" and it added up to a crappy, crappy day.

Generally I'm a happy person so when I have a crappy day I tend to wallow in it. And wallow I did, including in my choice of clothing which was dark and black and kinda blah.

However the outfit was also influenced by the weather because I wanted to wear rain boots. For years I used to buy fun, crazy rain boots that looked like frogs or had cherries on them or other fun things. But then I learned how difficult it is to match things to those fun boots and I got wise and bought some mostly black ones. I actually bought these with my mom and sister who also bought some boots as well and for the first time I can remember I bought the tamest article of clothing in a group of people. What a shock.

Dress is an xl via Ross in San Francisco (one plus for SF over NY), leggings are Danskin, rain boots are from Laila Rowe and the cardigan is a L that I got from Goldy Mac. I'm wearing 3 necklaces from 3 different places. The silver spoon necklace is from Urban Outfitters, the black necklace is from Peacock's and the silver/white necklace is from Primark.

The highlight of my day came as I was about to leave the office. I get a flower share from my CSA and was changing the water and throwing out some dead flowers when I found the most gorgeous caterpillar stuck to a leaf where it had sat on my desk for a week unnoticed. Nicole and I named her Yetta and brought her outside to a flower bed. She started to perk up straight away as we took her outside and she felt the rain. It was so cute.


  1. black rainboots---ive learned something from your post. i always get crazy colored ones too and its sooo hard to match. thx bloomie ;)

    i love yetta!!!!! glad she could make you smile :)

  2. I'm glad SF gets one positive mention and the caterpillar is amazing!!!