Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 10, Dress 100!!!

Oh my goodness, today is dress 100!!! (Well that may not technically be the most accurate statement I've ever made because I've missed a day or two over the years but that can be our little secret right?) I feel like there should be cake and champagne (or at least Prosecco), but instead I'm sitting on my couch with a beer and leftover Mexican. Let's close our eyes for a minute and imagine the cake and champagne. Ok, open them back up and feast your eyes on this crazy ass dress.

I've worn this dress before and I wanted to make it different from the last time you saw it. In that end I belted the dress (nothing new) and then "bloused" the dress so that it was above the knee and you couldn't see the belt. I added my pink cowboy boots and some tiny turquoise studs in my ears. There was so much going on with the dress that this was my attempt at understated. I mean my hair is in a ponytail - what's more understated than that?

The dress is vintage Chadwicks, purchased in Charleston, the earrings are from a long ago trip to Paris and the cowboy boots are from Dorothy Perkins. I think the dress may be a bit much for me and it may make its way over to Re/Dress. What say you?

The photo was taken by my sister-in-law outside my mother's house on Rosh Hashana. Shhh, don't tell her, she doesn't like us to use electricity on the holidays.


  1. Happy 100 dresses! Hop over the pond, and I'll serve you Champagne and cake:) Well, I'm a student, so Cava and cake, but still.

  2. congratulations! boots are seriously cute btw

  3. Thanks all!

    Veronica I think I'm crossing the pond in November but sadly no plans to go to Norway. If we ever meet I'll buy the champagne.

  4. NO WAY are you giving this dress away. Its one of the finest I've seen you wear. Perhaps with a navy ballet pump next time? x