Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 2, Dress 92: Sun Kissed

I am doing my very best attempt at a sun kissed look today. Can you sense my California girl vibe through the computer? The Beach Boys California Girl vibe that is, not Katy Perry's California Gurl.

After my day in the sun yesterday I was a bit darker and wanted to highlight my hard won tan and there is no better way to highlight a tan than by wearing white. I picked up this white dress at Ross and it's Speed Control in a 1x. {Shh, can you tell that I'm bra less in the office?}

I've paired my dress with 2 necklaces. The silver one is from Primark and the pink/yellow one is from Peacocks.

My fun hoop, within a hoop, within a hoop earrings were purchased at a Brooklyn street fair.

And finally the shoes. I warned you about them yesterday. I am indeed wearing tevas. I know they're ugly and ruin the look of the outfit but my tendinitis was acting up after my day at the beach and I was in too much pain to wear anything else.

Photo credit goes to Farrin.

And here's a bonus photo of me from work today at a big exhibit some of my friends have been working on. The right to vote is totally my favorite right. What's yours?


  1. LOVE the dress. Don't die of shock.

    Uhm. I thought you hate CA?

  2. This dress would look so, so much better if you had some support in the breast region. It's like, 90% of the way there, but needs a little oomph.

  3. Thanks for telling me this. I wasn't too sure this morning about a bra or not and I'm always happy to not wear one, esp on a day as hot as today was so I just passed. I guess I shouldn't have. Save the bra less days for the weekend.

  4. I think you look very pretty and romantic and natural. And the shoes aren't that bad, they sorta add to the hippie vibe=)
    Hehe, yes, I could tell you were braless actually. I'm far too much of a hippie feminist myself to ever critisize you for that, though:)

  5. loving the look, it's gorgeous, but you definately need a bra. everyday, even on week ends.

  6. I know, but I hate them. Bra free is just so much more comfortable.

  7. You know me--I'm braless from May to October every year, office or not! It's just too HOT to wear a bra in the summer