Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 14, Dress 104: I'm Alive

I'm alive dear readers! Sorry for the complete radio silence the last few weeks - but at least this time I gave you some forewarning. Apparently a complete lack of blogging is what happens when I have to pack up a massive apartment I've lived in for 4 years, purge many of my belongings, move what is left to a much smaller apartment, deal with movers who cancel 5 minutes before they show up, have a lot going at work, travel (work and fun) and OMG unpack. It turns out no one let me in on the dirty little secret that unpacking is even worse than packing. Blargh. Who wants to come over and help me unpack...anyone??? It'd been so long since I'd moved that I'd forgotten how exhausting and tiring - on an emotional and physical level - the whole moving experience is.

But I'm having what my dad would say is diarrhea of the mouth because I know you don't all come here to read about my adventures in moving and what you, but rather to look at my bright and crazy clothing. So I shall indulge you.

After such a long hiatus I wish I had a more exciting outfit to showcase for you, because unfortunately you saw me wear this outfit not very long ago in a very similar manner. Sorry I didn't really remix all.

This is a vintage dress that picked up at Re/Dress that I paired with a Torrid belt and scarily matching Topshop earrings.
On my feet I have my shoe of the summer, my Dansko platforms and amazingly I think this may be the first time they've popped up on the blog. Not remotely clear how they haven't shown up in a million, billion photos yet especially since buying these shoes was a big step for me. For the first time in my life I went into a store and told the saleswoman I needed supportive shoes and comfort was more important than cute. I thought those words would never come out of my mouth and I'm none too pleased that they did. Unfortunately for me 30 turned out to be the age where flip-flops actually start to hurt after awhile.

On an exciting to absolutely nobody but me note, it was also Primary Day in New York City and for the first time ever we had new voting machines. Considering I'm a voting advocate, this is a very big deal in my world.

Scantron ballots

And machines where you have to feed your ballot in face-up. I don't know what dummy designed this machine, which makes it impossible to vote in secret. Another fail by NYC Board of Elections, I am not at all surprised. At least my machines worked, plenty of others did not.

I'm going to try and be better about blogging. I promise. That I'll try. We shall see about the follow through.


  1. "And machines where you have to feed your ballot in face-up. I don't know what dummy designed this machine, which makes it impossible to vote in secret." Really? Isn't that kind of a Big Deal? I know preventing people from being able to cast their vote without revealing who/what they're voting for is taken pretty darn seriously here! Something like this would produce a shit storm you wouldn't believe!

  2. Oh it was and is a big deal, waiting to see what happens next month. Our Board of Elections is completely messed up and are party appointees instead of civil servants which leads to the worst system around.

  3. Hm, I guess it could be worse if there's a plan to change it. You would think they wouldn't be completely incompetent, though, even though they're appointees.