Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 3, Dress 93 - Comfort and Coney Island

Day 3 and it is hot and sticky and all I could think of when I was getting dressed was comfort. To achieve that end I grabbed what I am aware is a not very exciting dress from my closet and decided to try and spice it up a bit with some accessories. That's not a stain on my dress, just a bit of water. In case you don't believe me, here's a picture from later on at night, sans water stain.

The dress is Splendid, a line I have raved about to you several times before. Like many dresses in my closet, it is a hand-me-down. This one is from my lovely sister-in-law to be and I believe she inherited it from someone else as well. The cycle of dresses!

The dress is simple, so I decided to add some pop with accessories. I've never really paired brown and yellow before, but Friday morning it was calling my name. I put on a big chunky necklace that I got in India.

And on of my favorite hair pins that I got last year at Atlantic Antic - a huge street fair in Brooklyn. I love how versatile this clip is.

And even though I shouldn't have, after looking at pictures from the day before and seeing how my tevas ruined my outfit, I wore different shoes and ended up paying for it with a very sore foot. Note how my friends shoes compare to mine.

The shoes ended up being a bit of an issue because some friends and I headed to Coney Island Friday night to see some fireworks. The fireworks ended up being cancelled (which we didn't know about until we already schlepped all the way out there) because of Hurricane Earl. Considering that the "hurricane" didn't even bring us a drop of rain in Brooklyn, we were none too pleased. However we decided to make the best of it and eat some fried food

play some games

go on a few rides.

and have a drink
It was a fun time, but we walked a lot and my tendinitis was really hurting by the end of the night.


  1. I adore this dress and want one for myself!

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