Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 13. Apartment Hunting is Exhausting

Apartment hunting in New York is exhausting and depressing and overwhelming in a way that I cannot quite explain. Seriously people, it is the worst and it's been driving me crazy. I've now found a place (and will likely write about it more soon) but the stress has been driving me to want to put on sweats and not get out of bed. However since it's September I have to rally and put on a dress. I should probably be thanking you all for that.

I wore this tunic a few weeks ago so I wanted to showcase it in a different way. In that end I paired it with some jeggings from Faith 21, a cropped cardigan from Banana Republic and my new favorite moccasins.

I added a headband from some crappy accessory store on 14th street and my pink, sparkly moustache necklace that I got at the Bust Winter Craftacular. One of the fun things about this necklace (aside from the fact that it's a pink, sparkly moustache) is that it's reversible and is black on the other side. Yeah for utility!

Photo credit goes to my co-worker Ben who helped a girl out very late at night.


  1. Oof, I have apartment hunted in NYC, and I feel your pain! I am happy you found a place.

  2. that necklace is so much fun, I love it. And the dress is very pretty too. That's a great color on you.

  3. I feel like anytime you HAVE to be shopping for something, it's so much more difficult and nowhere near as fun! Hope you find something good soon!

  4. Congratulations on finding a new place!! Still in Brooklyn?
    I really like the matchyness of this outfit. The color of the cardigan is lovely, and that moustache is made of awesome!