Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Long Labor Day Weekend: Days 5+6, Dresses 95+96

I had lovely long weekend, but I spent most of my time frolicking outdoors and stayed far away from my computer. Thus I'm a backlogged blogger so this is going to be a double post.

I spent my Sunday in Prospect Park with some of my very good friends who have just moved to Brooklyn from Paris. Yay! Everyone I love should move to Brooklyn! I spent the afternoon showing them my beloved park and soaking up the beautiful weather. My dress is from Ross and I've paired it with some earrings that were a birthday present years ago from my friend Mirka.

Sadly beaches close after Labor Day so I headed out Monday for the last beach day with lifeguards of the summer. To advance my personal goal of fattie bathing suit visibility here's me in my cute bathing suit that I got at Accessorize several years ago. I think this bathing suit may be on its last legs - the under wire began poking out of the suit on Monday.

And I couldn't not wear a dress, so here's what I wore over my cute bathing suit. This dress you have seen before and it is a hand-me-down from Jamie and she got it at Loehmann's. The hat was picked up on a trip to Israel several years ago. It took me all the way to the final beach day of the summer to finally remember to pack a hat when I head to the beach.


  1. I love the neckline of that swimsuit, it looks good on you! I wasn't completely sure about that striped sundress the last time, but it's won me over:=) And yay, hats!

  2. I LOVE halter neck bathing suits! I think they just look so cute, but there's usually a big difference between the room the swimsuit designers alot for boobs and what I come to the table with so this was a great find for me. It has served me well over the years.