Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 15 and it's Primary Day!!!

I love to vote. Love, love, LOVE to vote. It's my passion both personally and professionally and any day in which I get to vote is by absolute definition a good one for me. Today was the NYC primary and since King Bloomberg and the millions of dollars he has spent to buy his way into office has kind of guaranteed his re-election, not too many people showed up at the polls. Bloomie of course was the exception. I live by the motto "vote early and vote often." God, I really do love to vote.

To mark the glory that is a voting day, today was also an absolutely gorgeous day and perhaps one of the last true summer days we'll have this year so I decided to whip out a very summery dress, one that I won't really be able to wear once the leaves begin to change. I am able to convert many of my summer dresses into fall/winter ones with a pair of tights and a cardigan, but not this one. I just think it'd look stupid if I wore it in January in New York.

I got this dress in the spring on a trip down to Fort Lauderdale for my friends 30th birthday. I spotted it in a shop window (well technically I spotted it in several store windows, Fort Lauderdale doesn't have too much variety) and was completely besotted. I ran in after dinner and insisted I try it on. I was a little nervous when I found out that it only went up to a large, but remembered the very wise words of Ms. Beth Ditto who years ago, before she was the indie rock star she is now said something along the lines of "go in, try it on in the largest size they have and if you bust the seams, fuck em for for not making it big enough." So I went in, tried it on and hey, I think it looks pretty good.

The cardigan is a hand-me-down from my dear friend Jamie (shockingly this is the first cameo we've had of a Jamie hand-me-down as I have many) and it originally came from Anthropologie. Candy shoes from Office are a repeat that you first saw on day 3. My necklace belonged to my Grandma and I don't get to wear it very often because it's so chunky and such a unique color. I love how well it goes with this dress.


I want to say a quick word about the power of accessories. As I'm sure you can tell by now I love accessories and believe they can truly shape an outfit. For instance, I wore this dress recently with completely different accessories and it looks totally different the way I've styled it today. The power of accessories people.

Photo credit today goes to two people. The subway shots were taken by Ateqah who I once again ran into on the train. I ran into her at my subway stop, we rode a few stops and then we saw Nicole transferring to the car in front of us so we ran and switched cars to chat with her and grabbed another friend getting on the subway at the same time. When you work at my organization, the R train from Brooklyn is quite the hot spot and we had some fun this morning with our subway photo shoot. The outside photo was taken by Nicole.

So as I mentioned yesterday my 30th birthday is impending. I will be having my tenth annual birthday picnic to celebrate, but I'm also feeling the need to drink on the actual day of and I've been obsessing over what bar I should go to since my original choice isn't really going to work out. Nicole, being the amazing friend that she is popped into my office today and asked if I'd be interested in going shopping and then checking out some bars. Shopping and beer, how could I say no?

So we hit up some shops where I {gulp} bought another dress or two. I will say even though I'm sure it doesn't seem that way, I don't really shop that often and when I do I always shop and return, shop and return. There's at least a 50% chance that I'll return whatever I've bought - I'm good that way. I also found some bars that I like so if anyone wants to weigh in on the +/- of Patio, High Dive, Cherry Tree or Loki Lounge, please comment away.

Finally, as if I hadn't had a wonderful enough day I walked into my apartment to find this enormous package waiting for me. My brother and sister-in-law to be got me a soda maker for my birthday (I have a bit of a seltzer addiction so this is great) and I am so excited!