Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 21, It's my birthday!

So after much obsession and hope against hope my 30th birthday would never actually arrive, it came around and it turns out that it wasn't that bad. In fact, due to my unbelievable friends it was actually a pretty amazing day.

I mean it started with a call from the messenger office at work telling me I had flowers waiting for me which led to a very excited commute to work wondering who in the world had sent me flowers (thanks Carrila in Israel!) and after picking up an unbelievable amazing bouquet of purple flowers I walked into my office to discover that it had been transformed into a purple fantasy land. Seriously. I am not making this up. Purple fucking fantasy land. There were balloons and streamers on the door with True Blood love notes and vote was written out on my desk with purple streamers and there was purple cauliflower in a vase on my desk. {sigh} my friends are the greatest.

And of course I had to dress for the day. Today is kind of what I imagine a 6 year old would wear to a party. I mean it is pink, has flowers, is short and it twirls. I love it! I originally bought it to wear to M&A's wedding in August but I threw it on and wore it to the office today. M said it best when she said "your office is like high school." Tee hee hee. So true and I'm so lucky.

Today's dress was purchased in London and is a size 20 from Evans. Evans is kind of like the British version of Lane Bryant, except cool enough to hire Beth Ditto to design for them and they have a shoe department with boots cut extra wide to fit my fat calves. The very first pair of boots I ever bought that fit my calves came from Evans, so they'll always have a special place in my heart due to that. As for the rest of the outfit the tights are from Old Navy and the shoes are Office. I bought these shoes thinking they'd be my go to black shoe but too often I feel like they don't work and are too witch-esque. I however got a ton of compliments on them so perhaps I have to re-think that. Hot pink sunnies I bought on the Brighton boardwalk and the earrings I bought from a street vendor in Brooklyn.

Like I said I ended up having a wonderful day. I rang in 30 with a pint of pumpkin beer in hand, was feted all day by my amazing friends, had not one but two cookie cakes, got thrown a surprise party and had drinks bought for me all night long. I'm really a lucky lady.

During an early morning freakout, I was having a conversation with my friend about turning 30 and he kept saying that it's a great opportunity to take a look at where you are in your life. You can see what you've accomplished, appreciate no longer living paycheck to paycheck and most of all take a look at the love you have in your life. What can I say, Wilma got it right.

I'm aiming for 30 and fine...or maybe 30 and dirty. I haven't quite decided just yet.


  1. jesus cristo! purple fantasy land is amazing! seriously!!! ahhhhhhhh this how WE GET DOWN!!!!!!!!

  2. we had fun creating the purple fantasy land for you!

  3. I have the bestest work family in the whole wide world. The best!

  4. Rachel you looked so good! I'm very sad I wasn't able to partake in the making of the purple fantasy land, but I was there in spirit!