Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 5, Park Time!

Today's outfit is one of three outfits I wore today. It was a busy Saturday. Outfit one was shorts and a t-shirt to go pick up my CSA and run a few errands. That was not a good look, but I had to roll out of bed far too early for my tastes and I was ever so slightly hung over and exhausted. On the upside, I got a great share this week. Outfit three was a repeat dress (but it's ok cause I did wear a new dress for daytime frolicing) from last year that I wore on a first date this evening which was ok. Not bad, not great, but decent. There was however some fascinating conversation.

Outfit 2 which I present to you today was worn to what was by far the best part of the day. We had the most gorgeous day imaginable in Brooklyn today and I got to spend the afternoon in the park with one of my best friends who had just returned the day before from her honeymoon. We sat, we picniced and most of all we gossiped. It was perfection.

Dress is technically a tunic that I have previously only worn with leggings, but today I rocked as a full on dress. It's from Evans and is a UK 18. I particularly love it because it has a built in bra which allows me to very comfortably achieve my weekend fashion goals of never wearing a bra. I have lofty goals, don't I? Details to the left.

It was hot and I didn't want anything on me so accessories are super limited today and there is an emphasis on things that were big, statement pieces that wouldn't lie against my skin. Sunglasses are from Primark and earrings are a million years old and I have no idea where they're from. Flip-flops are unfashionable, but good for the park and are my beloved havianna's. I heart their flip-flops so much.

Bag of absolute and utter fabulousness is from Lands End. I got it this summer and I, as well as some of my friends are completely obsessed with it. I love how I appropriate this completley waspy, New England staple into my very non-waspy, New England life.

9.5.09 accessories

Also for those who don't know me, purple is my signature color so it makes it even more fabulous. Having just checked out their site it appears they don't have purple on it anymore. I wonder if it was a summer limited edition color.

Tomorrow is a wedding and I still haven't fully decided what I'm wearing but I'll be sure to share it with you either way. Although I am betting I won't be uploading it till Monday. That was for you T&B.


  1. Love the dress. You need a fab necklace.

  2. mmm...havianas from where? south of the border perhaps?? ;)

  3. Ello - UK calling, why are ff's unfashionable Bloom? xx

  4. Cause they're so simple and unadorned. Perhaps unfashionable was a bit harsh, but they're not "fashionable." I take it you disagree.

  5. I'm loving all the looks, but this one especially made me go WOW - you look really sexy and glamorous.

    (agree on ff's not being fashionable, but who cares with that dress above them??)