Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 2, Dress 2

Two days in a row of lots of color. As any new followers will quickly learn, this is not shocking. I love Brooklyn so much that it hurts, but I am a bad New Yorker in that I like to wear a lot of color.

Anyways on to today's outfit. My faux DVF purchased at my absolute favorite dress store in the whole damn world. Ready for my secret shop...ROSS Dress for Less. Hella cheap, great selection and a huge variety of sizes from teeny weeny to death fats. I am obsessed and sadly (although it's definitely good for my pocketbook) there is no Ross in NY, or at least anywhere where I live in NY. Pre-financial collapse I used to travel a lot for my job to what I lovingly deem America's un-hot spots. Turns out there are a whole lot of Ross's in America's un-hot spots.

So today's dress is some random brand from Ross in a size 14 and I'm sure it cost less than $20. I say that it was for sure less than $20 b/c I wasn't so sure about this dress but my co-worker Nicole convinced me to get it and I wouldn't have spent more than $20 for something I was hemming and hawing over. Turns out it was a good purchase since I get rave reviews every time I wear it. Although the sleeves fall down a lot. In fact in the elevator this morning some older lady I didn't know reached over and pulled up my sleeve. I couldn't believe that and I almost slapped her but I thought hitting probably wouldn't be the most effective way to teach someone proper manners.

Necklace is from Reiss in England and was a birthday present many years ago from my dear friends Sam and Bruce. Shoes are Rocketdog (yes you read that correctly and I give you permission to vomit a little in your mouth) which I purchased in a crazed frenzy in Israel earlier this summer convinced that I'd wear them every day. They are comfy for heels, but I'm just not a heels girl. Today was their virgin outing because I'm considering wearing them to a wedding this weekend.


  1. Frakkin' dresses! I'll be watching your blog the entire month!

  2. I totally saw your blog and fats and thought we were co-September fattie fashion fiends. Loving your blogging as well.

  3. this is billy and my favorite of the first three days... plus the shadows make the necklace look even better than it already is!

  4. I love that you and Billy are reading it. It'll be like we're friends before we even meet.

  5. I like this one. I can't tell what the problem with the sleeves is.