Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 14. The countdown begins...

Countdown, what countdown you say. We're not even at the halfway mark of 30 Dresses in 30 Days, that's not till tomorrow. Except I'm talking about a much more personal countdown, the countdown to my thirtieth birthday. Eek-eek-eek!!! I'm being very un-bloomie like and having a full on meltdown over this birthday. I randomly burst into tears the other day at work and then sobbed "no one is going to want to date a 30 year old." At which point Nicole looked at me and told me that was the dumbest thing she had ever heard me say. She's right, it is and it is SO not me. I don't know what is coming over me, I just know that I'm having a bit of a crisis over my impending life altering birthday, thus the countdown.

But you wouldn't know that from my fabulous fatshion that I'm sporting today. In fact today I was anything but sad or droopy over the impending birthday of doom. Instead I was a vision of purple and yellow, with matching flowers to boot. Purple is always my go to color, but every now and then I become obsessed with another color and earlier this summer that color was yellow. I'm not sure if it was inspired by Michelle Obama or my excitement at the advent of summer after the bitter winter we had, but suffice it to say I bought a bunch of yellow back in May.

Dress is once again via ebay and is a 2x from Red-Dot-Boutique, which I wrote about a week ago today. Purple belt and necklace are from Primark and my shoes are from Office. I stopped at the supermarket on my way home from work and the woman behind me in the checkout line could not stop talking about my shoes. Suffice it to say I loved her. Flowers are from my CSA that I was bringing to my windowless office to bring some nature indoors and while I didn't carry them around all day as an accessory I included them in the photo because they too were purple and yellow.

To please Jamie I will say that this photo was taken outside of my office as I was walking in this morning. My friend Ateqah was today's photographer and I ran into her on the train which was lovely as she's one of the few people I actually enjoy running into on the train, usually I'm happy to just read. My current selection is The Yiddish Policemen's Union and I'm not quite sure yet if I like it, but I'm still reading which is a good sign. We then ran into two other friends on the walk to the office and as Ateqah laughingly said, it was like we were in a sitcom. Although our block was shut down for a VIP's arrival and that doesn't usually happen on sitcoms, or does it?

Sorry I'm not writing more or being witty or what have you. Tomorrow is primary day in NYC, something I take very seriously and I'm still an undecided voter and I'm researching and reading and putting all my energy into figuring out who to vote for rather than talking a whole lot about what I'm wearing. Blah. Plus I cooked a whole bunch tonight and I still have a ton of dishes to do.

I do have to add one thing, which is that being an "undecided voter" is so bizarre for me. I have never understood undecided voters who claim they don't know who they're voting for and won't till they get to the polls. Granted there's not quite as much of a difference between Brooklyn Dems Brad Lander and Josh Skaller as say there is between Barack Obama and John McCain, but I'm having some new found, later in life respect for the "undecided voter."


  1. A close-up of the shoes? And you're reading Michael Chabon? You're turning into me. :-)

    Except for the yellow. The only yellow I own is a t-shirt that says "reading is sexy." Heh.

  2. Those shoes with that dress are perfect. And your near meltdowns about turning 30 are merely another manifestation of the gay man inside of you.

  3. I LOVE that outfit! Whoop!

  4. Just started reading your's GREAT! Keep it up! I always enjoy a good distraction from work.

  5. Hey! I just started reading your blog. It's fun. I was out sick yesterday and sad I missed this dress. It's awesome. Also, I'm turning 30 in 6 weeks. Mixed feelings.

  6. Thanks for all the compliments!

    Euckie, I don't think they've been near meltdowns, more like full on. An inner gay man just dying to get out, does that mean bears will be into me?

    Myers, anytime you want we can have an "oh my god I'm turning 30" moment. I plan on getting very drunk that night.

  7. Gorgeous. I want one just like it!