Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 7. Brunch time is fun time

I'm utterly exhausted from my long weekend which was magical and amazing and filled with love and excitement and happiness. BUT it was not filled with much sleep or relaxation. So a short post for today's outfit so I can head to bed.

Today I am recovering from the amazing wedding of yesterday but was summoned to Manhattan for a day-after brunch and how can I say no to that. I ended up spending the day shopping and I bought 4 new dresses (it's a sickness I tell you) from Loehmann's and Anthropologie, but I'll probably end up returning some. I'm a big buyer and returner. Plus I wasn't wearing a bra so I had to take things home and re-try them on with the proper undergarments.

Dress is a 2x from Red-Dot-Boutique via ebay. I can't say enough good things about this seller. Seriously, I went a bit mad and bought like 4 or 5 sundresses from this seller in the early summer. You will definitely see more things I got from them. They do super cute, affordable, plus size summer dresses and best of all they do measurements for each individual dress that they list.

Sore dancing feet are encased in havianna's which were yes, as pointed out by a commenter, acquired in a fabulous trip to Argentina. Earrings and Sunglasses are from Primark.


  1. Cute earrings. Lots of cleavage. I like.

    And FOUR new dresses? You are going to need another closet.