Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 18, One dress, two different ways


Happy New Year!!! For those of you scratching your head thinking, but it's only September 18th, that's cause it's Rosh Hashanna, the Jewish new year. And I just got home from what may have been both the largest and most delicious meal I have had in ages. I am seriously stuffed, not just with good food, but with love and friendship and family. Lord I'm a sap.

Today we have the same dress, done two different ways. It's just like every single episode of Top Chef, when they decide to do something (ceviche, mushrooms, beef, scallops, etc...) done two ways. And while we're mentioning TC, can I just state my unabiding love for Mr. Kevin Gillespie. Cute, sweet, beardy, bellied boy who can cook like nobodies business and is prone to saying things like "we bond on the fat kid level." Sigh, I am so in love. If you know anyone like him in NY, send 'em my way.

Anyways, I threw on this dress this morning and didn't think about it too much. I bought this dress last year at a Loehmann's in Los Angeles with Jamie and she gave me SO. MUCH. SHIT. because I picked up this dress in the Juniors department. Yup, you heard me right, that wasn't a typo, today's dress is a size large from the Juniors department. Jamie thought the dress was cute, she just had a philosophical problem with someone our age buying clothing in the Juniors department. I'm sure you can all collectively think what my opinion of that suggestion was. F that.

So during the day this dress was styled a bit shlubby. I threw on some eggplant colored American Apparel leggings (pick em up here and not at the store to save yourself some money), some black, slip-on plimsolls that I got from Dorothy Perkins in England and my uh-may-zing Brooklyn Bridge necklace that is once again from Brookadelphia which like I said has some cute stuff, but crappy service.

Photo 34

But tonight I was going to a very close family friends for Rosh Hashanah dinner, and I didn't want to show up in sneakers, so I fancified my dress by throwing on some black tights, a purple cardigan from Banana Republic and some purple sparkly shoes that are Sigerson Morrison for Target, which I got on sale for a whopping $7.49. Sparkles fancify everything.


Then I headed off to Long Island for a delicious dinner, with even better company. I could begin to tell you all about the Jewy goodness that I consumed but that would take 15 minutes or so and I'm tired as it is. I was at the J-H's and they're like my surrogate family, I'm just so lucky to have them in my life. And once again, in a story of how close and incestuous my little bit of Brooklyn is, it turns out that one of the dinner guest's brother is my former neighbor - as in I live in apartment 11 and he lives in 12. My world is so small sometimes it astounds me.

The casual photo credit goes to the built in camera on my mac, the second set of photos were taken by Dobs. The cutie in today's photo is Adam and he's quite the fan of this little blog. He also gave me a much needed bear hug when I burst into tears when they gave me my birthday present. I love you guys and I can't wait to eat croissants with you in gay Paree.


  1. To prove what an inspiration you are, today I am shopping on Ebay for the first time ever! Not a penny more, I sing, to the American Apparel Store. Thanks for the amazing meal, company, and fashion show yesterday.
    xo Mo