Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 22, The day after...

So like I said, my 30th birthday was lovely and amazing. I started my 30's in a bar and ended it...well not in a bar. By time the clock officially turned to midnight I was home in bed, but a large portion of my first 24 hours as a 30-something was spent in a bar. All of this is a preface to the fact that it was a bit rough going the second day of my 30's. Not too bad, as the beer that would have put me over the edge was taken away from me at the end of the night and replaced by pizza (thanks Mo!), but I was not up for much fatshion on Tuesday.

Instead I rolled out of bed, threw on a dress that had enough going on with it so that I could get away without really having to accessorize it, and headed out the door. I got some bagels and headed to my coffee shop for a meeting. An egg and cheese on an everything bagel is the best hangover cure in my mind.

Note the pink lipstick marks. I may be a bit hungover, but I can't resist my hot pink lips. As you can tell from photos the day was kind of dreary and overcast, which was good because I couldn't find my prescription sunglasses and I was too out of it for contacts.

Today's dress is an xl from New York and Company and I'm betting that I probably could have fit into a l just as well, but I get so annoyed every time I set foot into the shop near my office that I wasn't about to go downstairs and grab another size to try on. Seriously, talk about crappy customer service, I really shouldn't give them my money. I had actually seen the dress awhile ago and thought it was so cute, but I hadn't bought it because I was so annoyed by the folks in the shop that I left. But I was passing by and there was a huge half off sign in the window and I was drawn in. $22.50 for such a cute dress, I couldn't resist. I will say I don't love it because the fabric is only printed on one side, so when the ruffles fly up, (which they inevitably do) it doesn't look very nice. My flip-flops are havianna's which you've seen before.

I could have accessorized this dress much better, but I was tired and wanted to wear this necklace and so I did. I bought it at the 7th Avenue Fair this summer and I heart it so. It reads "If Paris is France, then Coney Island, between June and September, is the world." Which is a quote from 1886 by George Tilyou and perfectly represents how I feel about Coney Island. The Mermaid Parade, Nathans, the beach, the boardwalk, Totonno's, rides, Beer Island, how can you not love the place.


  1. So sorry I missed your b-day & I love this dress! It has a very Marimekko-ish quality to the pattern.

  2. Thanks my dear. I can't wait to see what I fab finds I uncover when I come to Paree.